“I was born and raised in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. I was brought up in a family that helped me to understand the definition of the word of grateful. I feel like I’m mostly influenced by the weather, people and food here. Sometimes the weather can make it challenging to photograph, but I love how I can be in the city, beach, and mountain in less than an hour. It has definitely inspired me to be more adventurous.”

He is defined by his infinite curiosity and passion for life and culture. As a photographer, Tino is driven by artistically capturing people, things and their stories through pictures. He creates his art with great eye and drawning imagination.

Tino has collaborated & influencers with numerous Indonesian and International brands which include: Mazdamotorid, MLDspot, Aqua Reflections, Batik Air, Pocari ID, Samsung ID, Telkomsel,  Intel Indonesia, Sehat Aqua, Samsung Galaxy s6, VIVO, QERJA, Matahari Mall, Walls Ice Cream Indonesia, Simpati,  PONDS men id, Danamon, Permata Bank, Samsung Gear VR, Galaxy A, Kalapa Bali Resort, Buburia, JBL indonesia, Daniel Wellington, Triwa watch, Junkardcompany, Axelarigato, Qlapa, Taylorfinegoods, Hanakaclassic, Birken stock ID, Huzidesign HK, Timberland, Chevalier, Pattentgoods, Benheard, Goodsware, Labelous, Pinegoods, Zappierleather, Hijacksandals, Casetify, Anotherwastedtime, Originalfinch, Fairden,  Elsandco, Wxglimited, Moncerstore, Moesjewelry, Rockaboyd, Fermaleather, Brm731, Dappindonesia, Guteninc, Orbitkey, Figurenotes, Nordhenbasic, Locapocaid, Sudiosweden, Matoa, Houstonoriginal, Manbymanikan, Bymadera, Garmentmaker HK, Francnobel, Ubox, Leaveittosmith, Reims, Iwearzule, Halefineshoes and looking forward for exciting collaborations!

Available for any inquiries or just say hello!

E-mail: tino_renato@yahoo.com

Line: hitino

Whatsapp/imessage/call: +6282243759434