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Tell us a little bit about your background and how old are you?
I was born and raised in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. I was brought up in a family that helped me understand the definition of the word grateful. I feel like im mostly influenced by the weather, people and food here. Sometimes the weather can make it challenging to photograph, but i love how i can be in the city, beach, and mountain in less than an hour. It has definitely inspired me to be more adventurous, oh anyway im 25 years old blessed!

How frequent do you travel? Do you travel to hunt for pictures?
I guess this close relationship with nature or coffeeshop is reason as to why features so predominantly in my photography & why i like to spend a lot of my time enjoying the outdoors. Yes for pictures since ages. I born to die for pictures. I’m making money through pictures
Could you explain the tone and mood for your photos?
I suppose it all depends one the lighting. But seriously i love something neutral, bright and clean.

How big is your photography gear that you take for traveling?

I love the simplicity, ease and potential of shooting with a phone. I find myself always bringing my phone with me wherever i go, so the possibilities are endless to create photos. Even though I love to shoot with my DSLR/Mirrorless, shooting with the iPhone just makes sense and it takes a lot less effort to shoot, edit and share image.

Best experiences in you travels that you managed to take pictures of?

I love to explore something new, something different and the best experience i learned, in a lot of ways, is one of introspection. With photography especially, it is an art medium that very much involves the entire self. When you change, your image change accordingly. That has been beautiful to see when reflecting on my journey or travel as a picture taker. So i take of my travel is the best experience

Worst experience in your travels that you managed to take picture of?

There’s no worst feeling if you take for granted
What fear in your life?
I’m afraid of being and living alone, having no close personal relationships, or ending up without the support and aid of people I currently depend on. But i believe in one God, and no more and i hope for happiness beyond this life

What is your Favourite band/music?

I think as a music lover, it is important to listen to wide range of music but my favorite type of music is indie / folk / rock and whatever that people rarely listen to. Daughter, Mumford and Sons, ALT-J, Heavenly Beat, Belle & Sebastian, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, James Blake, She & Him, James Vincent Mcmorrow, The Tallest Man on Earth, Bjork and manymore!

How do you see yourself in future?

Living my life to the fullest
How would you define your style?
I love to explore things which are new, different, something that most people may refer to as (maybe) abnormal. It’s just fun to be extremely weird, it’s fun up to the point that you can get people’s attention

What camera do you use?

Mostly i use iphone x or sony RX 100 mark 5 or DxO one camera or sometimes my DSLR for instagram, and for work i use Canon 5D MARK IV with lens SIGMA 50mm f1.4 DG ART & Canon 16-35mkii

What are the strengths of shooting primarily mobile? How does this affect your imagery?

I like that i have a camera always on me now, and that I can be spontaneous, but over time i’ve gotten to be more considerate with what i post to instagram and have learned to wait and spend time with each photo to make it the best i can be. As great as iPhone photos are, they’re far from perfect, usually, which is why it’s great that there are so many editing apps available.

What are your favorite environments to shoot in?

I love shooting rich landscapes, they are quite an easy subject to make look good because they are already very impressive to begin with. I find it exciting to shoot people within those landscapes because that is where the magnitude of the environment can be felt. Oh also I love capturing textures, plants, leftover, coffee or something that attract my eyes

Which apps do you use to edit for instagram and your work?

All edited through LIGHTROOM PC & MOBILE with my own preset.

Which apps do you use for Instagram Stories?

Unfold, 8mm, Huji, Grain Cam

What is your favorite Filter/s on Vscocam?

I have been really inspired by neutral colors a lot. There are too many filters! S2, SE3, N1 and A6 are ones i use the most. I suppose it all depends on the light. I occasionally use other filters too. I wish i could stick to just one

Tutorial edit photos?

Someday i’ll share through my youtube chanel and stories highlight

Would you mind to sell your own presets?

I don’t think so. Preset is our signature. Will think about it someday

Tips for shooting a great photo?

I don’t have any tips but the key is follow the light, see the light calm down waiting for the moment, shoot everyday everytime: the best way to raise your skills is to practice, keep it simple, grow your own style, to be inspired by people or surroundings

What camera should i buy?

It’s depends on what you need not what you want and what you need!

Who is the boring gallery?

Definitely mine! Well, i guess i have my own style and it’s mine. This is the way i see things, i post what i like. We’ll try to just have fun here, we don’t try to become famous here, nor become social climber and it’s not showcase. Never ask to “follow for follow or followback” from person who inspire you a lot. SO if you want to follow me just do it, i’ll do the same if i like and you’ll find some boring pictures on my instagram! Welcome

What does instagram mean in your life?

I call it “Drugs” but i “try” not to spend too much time on instagram. Ok, I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by so many creative and inspiring people here. There’s a large community of people out there pushing each other to create constant stunning imagery but for the most part, they are encouraging and positive in a really good way.

Have you met someone through instagram?

Too many!

Did you take photographs before instagram?

Yes, photography and art have been an important part of my life an early stage. As a result, I’ve had open mind about my concepts in my photos

How do you keep balance your travel and soulmate?

God has plan in it, I just keep to be grateful for it. And always looking forward for what happens. So life mush easier to thinking about

How do you keep your feed organized with the same tone and same ambience in each and every pictures you post?

I use UNUM apps for certain part what’s the next i should post, or sometimes VSCO gallery! they keep me organized with 9 grid for the instagram

When you create your own instagram?

Since 2011 middle of 2011

How do you get your best angle on your photos?

As i love to be love at the first sight on landscapes or whatever things, i keep trying what should i shoot, thinking and see what’s the real infront through my eyes. I can keep my eyes to be attracting to whatever that “this is good for me” if im done, im done. Sometimes im inspired by people what they do “Jika mereka bisa aku juga bisa, mereka sama sama makan nasi, aku juga. Nothing is impossible in this world”

Are you self-taught photographer?

What’s up and down you’ve been through?
I don’t consider myself is photographer but definitely im completly self-taught person since i was in junior-high-school yet struggle. I got my scholarsihp to ease the burden in my parents. I keep borrow my friend’s camera till i got mine. The struggle is real. I keep making money through pictures!

How has photography transformed you as human being? What are the key differences you can identify before and after starting photography?

To be more grateful person day by day. Chasing more skills, friends, something about new and knowledges. I wish there are always great opportunities behind me and people who beside me. People always hating me loves me in different way, im not afraid to show who really iam, because as long as im happy with myself, no one else’s opinion matter.

If instagram & Blog doesn’t exist what will you do for the life? Any other passion?

I keep moving forward and be grateful everyday He gave to me, I keep making pictures, I keep established a good relationship with someone new and always kind to every person that i meet because i know “kindness is a king”. And back to the first places, you can’t figure it out the future, even mine in early start have plan to be doctor, don’t really know what will happen. Life doesn’t go according to plan and while few people might do exactly what they set out to do, you never know if you’re one of those. Other things come along to change you, to change your opportunities, to change the world. So if i can’t figure it out the future, what yours? I keep simply everything, don’t focus on the future, focus on what you can do right now that will be good no matter what the future brings. Make stuff, build stuff, learn new skills. Go on adventures, making friend, these things will help in any future!

How do you take your photos from above?

I use self-tripod or sometimes i ask my friend to shoot even i push him/her standing on a chair to a better framing haha!

Which place in the world would you like to photograph?

Santorini, Venice and then i dream about going to Iceland because i’ve watched The Secret life of Walter Mitty

Who/what inspires you to create?


Favorite users?

Also, in the beginning of my photography I’m blown away by Laura Makabresku since ages and how many incredible talented and friendly people out there. I could list an extraordinary number of individuals are here, but few whose instagrammers photos never fail to brighten my day. There are far too many but I’d like to highlight @ezgipolat @annettepehrsson@benjaminhole @dantom @local_milk @helloemilie @alice_gao

Any advice for us?

Just have fun, create, be you! If you copy, it’s means you’re working without any real feeling, you’re worth infinitely more.